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Hairgro Reactive Essence Refillable Kit

Hairgro Reactive Essence Refillable Kit 

x 30 vials (5ml)

Nature’s organic sense presents the folligrowth programme, A professional scalp care kit for home  use consisting of four comprehensive stages; foundation, rebalancing, regrowth, and maintenance.

Rooted in the belief that real, lasting results take time, patience, and diligence to achieve, each stage of  the folligrowth programme would take 4 months for an individual to complete.

The foundation stage is usually the toughest to build because substances like dead skin cells, sweat, and  oil accumulate on our scalp over time. This refill set of 30 vials of reactive essence will complement the  first set of 18 vials of reactive essence in strengthening the foundation for A healthy scalp and prepare  for better absorption of nutrients.

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