Frequently Asked Questions

Orders, Payment & Shipping

How to order from OLY Wellness?
  1.  Register your account 
  2.  Select the items you want and add items to Shopping Cart
  3.  Fill in your Delivery Address
  4. Submit the order and finish the payment 
We will proceed to ship your order once payment has been received.  
How do I know if my order went through?
Log in to your account and track your order status by clicking on the “Account” icon. Your order status should show 'Paid' and you should have received an order confirmation within 24 hours of placing your order.  
How long is the order processing time?
All orders are processed and delivered within 3 working days, including weekends and public holidays. 
For orders from Malaysia, they will be delivered within 5-7 working days. Arrangements for delivery will be made by our Malaysian delivery representative. They will contact you to make arrangements for the delivery. Please ensure that your contact number is entered accurately.
- Delivery times are based on orders placed before 6pm SGT. 
- Delivery timing will be between 10am – 10pm daily.  
Order status showing 'Paid' but didn't receive a confirmation email?
Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Check your Spam folder or Promotion folder to see if the email is there. Otherwise, you may contact our Customer Service at for assistance.
Can I make changes to or cancel my order once it's been placed?
Unfortunately, once you successfully make an order, we're not able to make any further changes like shipping address, change in items or order quantities. You may contact our Customer Service at regarding any changes in shipping address. We suggest reviewing your bag and shipping details before you check out! 

Cancellation of an order before delivery is allowed to the entire order. Please allow up to 10 working days for the refund to be credited back to your credit/debit card.
I am having issues using the PROMO code
Please check the terms and conditions of the PROMO code regarding redemption eligibility including but not limited to:
- Expiration Date
- Applicability of voucher to items in the cart
- Other exclusions such as not using the voucher with other discounts, promotions, or loyalty rewards redemption
You may contact our Customer Service at if you encounter difficulties in applying the PROMO code.
What if my payment has failed?
There may be several reasons for why payment for an order has failed. For your payment safety and success, please check with your bank for a detail reason. Reach out to our Customer Service at if you are unable to resolve.
What forms of payment do you accept?
• Credit Card: Visa, Mastercard, Amex
• Debit Card: Not accepted but you can link your card to PayPal for payment)
• PayPal (For Debit Card users, you can link your card to use PayPal for payment)  
(SINGAPORE ONLY) PayNow UEN: 202004500G 
(Please send a screenshot of your PayNow transaction to the Order Confirmation email as proof of your payment. When making payment using PayNow, enter your Order Number as a reference number)  
Can I change the shipping address for my order?
If you need to change the shipping address within 24 hours, please contact our Customer Service department at Once the delivery team contacts you to arrange delivery, no further changes can be made. We suggest reviewing your bag and shipping details before you check out!
I was not/ am not available to receive my parcel upon delivery.
Our delivery team will contact you before the delivery. You may reschedule if you need to attend other urgent matters.
What should I do if there's a delay in my delivery?
We're sorry your parcel has been delayed! While there may be a delay in the delivery, no action is needed on your end. However, our Customer Service will notify you on the delay with the new estimated delivery date. You may continue tracking your parcel from the orders section.
How do I exchange a faulty item?
You can get in touch with our Customer Service at and include the following details in your enquiry:
- Image of the Item,
- Order Number,
- Name of the Item, and
- Reason for return/exchange  
The FolliGrowth Reactive Kit: We will allow a one-on-one exchange for manufacturing defects on the Nano Oxyspray and only replace the gadget without the rest of the products. We will bear the cost involved with the return/exchange for this kit.
Do you do deliveries on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday?
Yes, we do.
What are your delivery options and how much is shipping?
We're happy to provide the following delivery options:
✓ Singapore 2-3 working days
✓ Malaysia* 5-7 working days
*Excluding East Malaysia. Currently we do not provide shipping to countries outside those listed above.

We do have some terms and conditions for delivery though!
- Delivery times are based on orders placed before 6pm SGT.
- Delivery may take additional time during sale periods, peak seasons like Christmas, school holidays, and unforeseen circumstances such as extreme weather events, covid restrictions, vehicle breakdown or accidents on the road causing disruptions.  
What if my item was missing, incorrect, damaged, or faulty?
We're sorry you received a parcel with damaged, incorrect, or missing items/rewards! Let us know by contacting our Customer Service Team at so that we can make things better. Please also include the following details in your form:
- Image of the Item/Parcel(s) received
- Name of Item 
- Order Number 
Please do not dispose of or throw away any of the items you're writing in about! We may arrange to collect the product.
When will I receive my refund?
Upon receiving your return and inspecting the condition of your item, we will process your refund. Please allow at least 7-10 working days from the receipt of your item to processing your refund. In an email, you will receive notification of the receipt of your return, the status of your refund, and the date on which it will be processed. Note that it will take some time for your bank or credit card company to process and post the refund back to you. Please Note: Sale items are non-refundable, non-returnable and non-exchangeable.  
What is your return and exchange policy?
OLY Wellness allows for returns and exchanges if you've changed your mind about a product. All returns and exchanges due to change of mind are subject to a 30-day return and exchange policy upon receipt of order, subject to the following terms and conditions:
- Item must be in its original purchase condition - packaging must be unopened, unused, unmarked, and not defaced in any manner.
- Items purchased as part of a set or a multi-item pack must be returned as a whole set.
- This return policy does not apply to items, which have been stated as non-exchangeable or non-returnable.
- Our Customer Service Team will contact you to make arrangements for the return.
- Your rights under any applicable consumer law are additional to and not affected by OLY Wellness' return and exchange policy above.  

Hairgro Reactive Professional DIY Scalp Care Kit

Do I need to charge the 3D Nano Oxyspray fully the first time I use it?
Like any electronic gadget, it usually comes with 50% or less battery life from the manufacturer. To ensure that it is functional, charge it for at least an hour before using it.
How long do I have to charge the gadget? 
A minimum of 1 hour is required but do not overcharge as it might damage the battery.
How much run time does the battery give you?
Just like any electronic gadget, the battery run time depends on the usage frequency.
How long is the warranty for the  3D Nano Oxyspray?
It comes with one year warranty. However, it does NOT include wear & tear caused by the user.
How do I exchange it if it is faulty?
We will allow a one-on-one exchange for manufacturing defects on the Nano Oxyspray and only replace the gadget without the rest of the products. You can get in touch with our Customer Service at and include the following details:
- Order Number, Reason for return/exchange
- Contact details to us to make arrangements for the exchange
Do I have to use all the products in the kit?

To get the best result, it is recommended that you follow the instructions on the insert provided with the kit. Or visit Hairgro Reactive Professional DIY Scalp Care Kit for information on “How to use?”

Can I use my own shampoo instead of the Reactive Shampoo?
Our Reactive Shampoo is formulated with a high concentration of certified natural organic ingredients. It effectively removes impurities in hair follicles, deep cleanses the scalp, regulates sebum secretion, and at the same time provides nourishment to the scalp. This is why we would highly recommend you to use the Reactive Shampoo and follow strictly what this program recommends.
Why do I need 2 Reactive Shampoo?
Excessive sebum, dead skin cells, and product build-up can clog our hair follicles. To restore the health and vitality of your hair, you must detox your scalp. Shampoo #1 contains Eucalyptus Essential Oil as its active ingredient, removes impurities in hair follicles, deep cleanses the scalp and regulate sebum secretion Shampoo #2 contains Chamomile Flower Extract & Green Tea Extract as its active ingredient, cleanses the scalp, maintain a stable hydrolipid balance and nourishes hair follicles to create the environment for healthy hair regrowth
Can I purchase both Reactive Shampoo #1 & 2 separately if I have finished using them?
Yes, the shampoos can be bought separately on our e-store too. However, it should not be used alone if you are following the FolliGrowth Programme.
Can I purchase the Reactive Essence separately if I have finished the 18 vials?
Yes, the Reactive Essence Refill set containing 30 vials is available for sale on our e-store. However, it should not be used alone if you are following the FolliGrowth Programme. 
Why 18 vials and Daily use?
Like a good skin care regimen, a good scalp care regimen is essential no matter what type of hair and scalp you have. Hair growth cycle replacement is an effective way to delay scalp aging. The 18 vials are a daily routine for the 1st cycle so that great and effective results will be seen. This also allows sufficient nutrients to be provided to the scalp on a daily basis.
Can I use the essence on alternate days?
The answer is yes, but it all depends on the results you want to achieve. It is recommended that you follow the programme instructions if you have severe hair loss and scalp issues.
What result can I expect from using Hairgro Reactive Kit?
When following the steps closely using the shampoo, conditioner, and essence provided, most apparent results should be a cleaner and softer scalp, leaving the scalp revitalized and refreshed. Also, you'll find your hair becoming shinier and more manageable. The hair follicles are now nourished and getting ready for healthier hair growth. 
The main ingredient of the essence, Fuji Mulberry Root Extract, has been proven to promote hair growth and improve hair thinning in over 50% of cases of hair loss, leading to fuller and healthier hair for both women and men. Once again, results may vary according to individuals’ scalp condition and reaction to the product.
How long does it take to see results? 
It all depends on the individuals’ scalp condition and reaction to the product. Some may see results within a week, some after completing the Foundation Stage - Reactive Kit, while some might need another cycle of products. 
FolliGrowth Programme is designed to restore years of damage to our scalp in just ONE year! Rooted in the belief that real, lasting results take time, patience and diligence to achieve, each stage of the FolliGrowth Programme would take four months for an individual to complete. Four months for the Foundation building, followed by four months for the Rebalancing process, and finally four months of seeing healthy hair Regrowth! The Maintenance Stage contains ingredients that are vital for sustaining healthy hair growth achieved throughout the three stages.
Is this treatment suitable for all scalp and hair conditions? 
This treatment should be suitable for all scalp and hair conditions as all the products in this treatment contain a high concentration of active ingredients that are Natural & Certified Organic. However, we would advise those who are going through pregnancy right now to consult their doctor before using.
Is this product suitable for children?
It is suitable for children aged 10 and above. Do take note of the process and particularly the shampooing part in order to ensure it is thoroughly cleaned and rinsed. 
Why do I see greater hair fall after using this Reactive Kit?
The average person sheds 50-100 hair strands per day. It is still considered normal. The current hair loss could be due to the renewing of healthier hair follicles after applying the products. This shows that the ingredients are working. Folligrowth reactive can help speed up the regrowth process in the fastest possible time. A sudden change in diet will cause a shock to the body and malnutrition to the follicles, which will lead to hair loss after about 2 months. Hair follicles will be able to grow again if you follow proper hair care routines.
My scalp itches after using this Reactive Kit. Is this normal?
Some customers who just started the programme may experience itchiness as a reaction to the program. By stimulating blood circulation, it stimulates quicker blood flow, causing the scalp to itch. In most cases, this will fade away over time.
Does scalp massage improve nutrients absorption?
Using incorrect massage techniques and movements on the scalp could lead to premature hair loss. Our 3D Nano Oxyspray with a 0.4mm nozzle allows the essence to penetrate quickly, delivering rich ingredients to trigger new cells and nourish the scalp. It will save you time and trouble trying to massage your scalp in the hope that it will help the absorption.
Can I still have my hair coloured while going through this programme?
When you color your hair, we recommend that you use organic hair color treatments. As an organic hair color, the organic ingredients will not be harsh on the scalp. Thus, they will provide better protection for the hair and scalp during coloring. It will not have a direct impact on the progress of the FolliGrowth Programme.
What do I do if I had an allergic reaction?
Many different factors can trigger allergic reactions, so you may want to consult a doctor for a detailed diagnosis. Knowing the ingredients you are allergic to can help prevent allergic reactions if you review the ingredient list before using a product. If you do not have any history of allergy and you've experienced an allergic reaction to one of our products, please get in touch with our Customer Service at Your input will help us communicate to the manufacturer and find an appropriate solution! In your message to our Customer Service Team, please include: 
- Your order number/ name of the store the item was purchased from;
- The full name of the product that caused an allergic reaction; and
- A detailed description of the symptoms experienced.
Our Customer Service Team may also ask for: 
- A full view photo of your order receipt 
- Photos of the product and the affected area
Why is the vial of essence tightly secured?
Each vial of essence is sealed with a glass cap to preserve the essence's quality and longevity. Be careful when opening the vial of the essence, as the sharp edges of the cover might cut your fingers.