Why Should You Use A Home Scalp Treatment Kit?

Why Should You Use A Home Scalp Treatment Kit?


Introducing FolliGrowth Hairgro Reactive Kit—a hair and scalp care kit specially formulated for individuals with weak and thinning hair to use in the comfort of their own homes. The Hairgro Reactive Professional DIY Scalp Care Kit is a programme designed to tackle the root of hair loss problems, literally.

Nature Organic Sense Professional Scalp Care Kit in Singapore

The process consists of four carefully curated stages; Foundation, Rebalancing, Regrowth and Maintenance. Each stage—which takes about four months to complete—has a range of products that focuses on the different stages of hair growth and strengthening, resulting in visible, lasting results. The programme is designed for easy-use, so that anyone can conveniently treat their hair and scalp problems by themselves.


In a blink of an eye, it has been about one and a half years since the COVID-19 pandemic, changing our routines and creating our “new normal”. Most of us have been working from home, the safety measures and restrictions have become unpredictable, and heading out is not as convenient as it used to be.

However, this should not stop us from taking care of our necessities. Regular salon visits for hair and scalp treatments are becoming a thing of the past, which results in many people neglecting hair and scalp health. Furthermore, scalp care is often overlooked until a person notices extreme hair thinning or hair loss.

With Hairgro Reactive Professional DIY Scalp Care Kit, you can get the same effective results from a salon-professional scalp treatment right in your own bathroom, at your own convenience. This means healthy solutions for scalp problems and hair thinning without committing to long-term and expensive salon packages, without having to book appointments, and without regular salon visits resulting in the current risks that comes with being in public places.

How To Use Nature Organic Sense Professional Scalp Care Kit

The FolliGrowth Programme allows you to take your hair and scalp matters into your own hands. It’s easy to use, affordable, effective, and also gives you an opportunity for some self-care at home.

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