Press Release: The World's First Professional Scalp Care Kit

Press Release: The World's First Professional Scalp Care Kit

Nature’s Organic Sense presents FolliGrowth Programme, a DIY scalp care kit for home use consisting of four comprehensive stages:

1. Foundation
2. Rebalancing
3. Regrowth
4. Maintenance

    Rooted in the belief that real, lasting results take time, patience and diligence to achieve, each stage of the FolliGrowth Programme would take four months for an individual to complete.

    FolliGrowth scalp care kit is designed to target weak scalp conditions and hair thinning, stage-by-stage with well-researched ingredients and advanced technology.

    Stage 1: FOUNDATION stage

    The Foundation stage is to establish a healthy base in order to begin an effective hair growth and strengthening journey. The Hairgro Reactive Professional DIY Scalp Care Kit consists of:

    1. 3D Nano Oxyspray (rechargeable)

    2. Hairgro Reactive Essence (5ml x 18 phials)

    3. Hairgro Reactive Shampoo [1] 110ml

    4. Hairgro Reactive Shampoo [2] 200ml

    5. Hairgro Conditioner 200ml

    Stage 2: REBALANCING stage

    The Rebalancing stage is where the strengthening of the hair follicles takes place. Aging and conditions such as androgenic alopecia may result in hair follicle miniaturisation, which shortens the growth phase, resulting in hair loss and the formation of fine, lifeless hair. The Hairgro Stimulant range helps to restore balance into weak follicles and grow healthier strands. The FolliGrowth Hairgro Stimulant Kit consists of:

    1. Hairgro Stimulant Essence (5ml x 30 phials)

    2. Hairgro Stimulant Shampoo 200ml

    3. Hairgro Conditioner 200ml

    Stage 3: REGROWTH stage

    The Regrowth stage focuses on further strengthening and densifying hair from root to tip, to encourage healthier hair production day by day. This step effectively increases the scalp’s microcirculation to ensure that sufficient nutrients are absorbed at the roots to promote hair growth by increasing cell proliferations, boost blood flow and improve the vitality of each hair strand. The FolliGrowth Hairgro Densifying Kit consists of :

    1. Hairgro Densifying Essence (5ml x 30 phials)

    2. Hairgro Densifying Shampoo 200ml

    3. Hairgro Conditioner 200ml.

    Stage 4: MAINTENANCE stage

    The Maintenance stage is to maintain and continue to produce lasting results of healthy hair growth. One of the main ingredients of this range includes caffeine to stimulate the scalp and boost hair health. Used daily, microcirculation is improved so that more oxygen is delivered to hair bulbs to optimise their regeneration. The FolliGrowth Hairgro Stabilizing Kit consists of:

    1. Hairgro Stabilizing Essence (5ml x 30 phials)

    2. Hairgro Stabilizing Shampoo 200ml

    3. Hairgro Conditioner 200ml

    With unpredictable restrictions due to COVID-19, this entire programme is conveniently prepared and packed step-by-step for home-care use. Now, people can manage scalp care and hair growth treatments in the comfort of their own homes, without having to make multiple trips to the salon.

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