What If You Can Take Scalp Care Into Your Own Hands?

What If You Can Take Scalp Care Into Your Own Hands?

Natural hair loss occurs daily without affecting the thickness and hairline. If you start noticing a difference, maybe more hair strands than usual on the floor, pillow or shower drains, or if your hairline seems to be receding, that is when you’re likely suffering from excessive hair loss. Excessive hair loss can be caused by many different reasons, and can happen unexpectedly. So here are 3 simple and effective steps to help prevent hair loss.


Maintaining good hair and scalp care

The first step is always to ensure that your scalp and hair are in the best possible condition. Spending a bit more time in hair and scalp care, and investing in quality hair and scalp products would not only help prevent hair loss, but could also improve hair growth. Aside from regular visits to salons, you can also opt for a home care kit such as HAIRGRO REACTIVE PROFESSIONAL DIY SCALP CARE KIT, a DIY scalp care programme that is designed to mimics in-salon treatments. It is also important to keep your hair and scalp away from harsh treatments and chemicals as much as possible.


Review your hair care routine

Just shampooing and conditioning everyday might not be enough if you want to properly vaccinate against hair loss and achieve a head full of strong, healthy locks. There are countless of haircare products in the market; hair serums, masks, DIY treatments, scalp tonics and even hair vitamins. A bit of research or a consultation with your hairstylist could help you establish a new hair care routine that works for you. Try to avoid shortcuts with strong chemicals and instead go for products that contain more natural and organic ingredients.


Eat healthy

You (and your hair and scalp) are what you eat. A healthy diet would reflect on your outer appearance, and that includes your hair and scalp. Not eating well could result in dull and scanty hair. A very low protein diet could restrict hair growth and result in hair loss. The best food for your hair includes protein, iron, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E, omega-3, zinc and biotin. So start eating your way to beautiful hair!

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